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I hope everyone had a great Halloween night, and got many good treats!
You know what to do vote for the entrie that you liked the best…:Z
(5 days to vote will announce the winner this coming Saturday)

here’s the links to the entries…(if i missed somebody’s link please let me know and i’ll post it .)






Hasent Andy been working on that project for a while? :smiley:

Since a week after the contest started.

Shame more people didn’t finish :frowning: We had 23 starters!

Andy’s game is cool though. I just think that PRYJON’s game is cooler. :smiley:

I’ve played so far Andy’s game, pryjon’s game, and a fighting game who I forgot made. These games all really rock, but also have an unfinished feeling. Amazing work, though. You guys are masters. I just got the link to work for spooky today.

Couple crits:

pryjon: Very scary, but not enough game there, and a little too dark. Amazing atmospere, though. It really creeped me out, more than a lot of scary proffessional games I’ve played.

Andy83:Wow, the camera angles, graphics, light, modeling, were fantastic. The gameplay was a little too much of an easter egg hunt for me, though. Too many objects of no consequence that only took up time to be told to get closer and then they weren’t important. I know puzzles are hard to design because I’ve tried.

Fighting game: I’m still trying to figure out, but the modeling and actions are really cool.

Thanks for the feedback fireside! It’s true that I ran out of time to develop an in-depth puzzle system. So I just slapped something together to demonstrate how it all would work.

This is something I’ll aim to improve in Version 2.0 which I’ve already started work on…

holy shit, im on the ballet. :o

and hey, someone voted for me and it wasnt myself who voted for me…cool…

anyways, good luck to all!!! man i love these contests, kudos friedbrain, great idea!

Thanks for the feedback fireside we were hoping to give off a creepy feeling in the game and tie it all together into a cool story, but with the file size and time given, I agree it’s much more just a creepy house then a walkthrough. On our side, things where getting a bit choppy because Shane and I are working with two business laptops that have no real graphics capability for the time being anyways. Had we finished the game in it’s entirety, there would have been three versions of the house, each a little creepier as you went. Shane and I are both glad that we were able to finish enough for viewing since most contestants dropped out. This was our first real game engine project that we where able to do and it’s been very fun. I only wish that there would have been more competition. I wanted to see what kind of ideas everyone else had come up with.

remember kids you must be logged in to vote, i can’t believe 160 some views and only 10 votes??..and no you don’t have to post why you voted. :wink:

well done guys
fantastic atmosphere pryjon, spot on
did anyone else help you on your game andy? was unreal, high level of both art and programming, very rare!

Excellent game andy(had prof feeling) the others weren’t bad either. Maybe i will spend more than 30mins on the next contest :smiley: great fun though(for me at least) I like how the orang bars actully show even though i got no votes :stuck_out_tongue:

Have we adversited this contest on the other blender pages? Like blender render or blender contest forums

Good luck to all :slight_smile:
I didn’t even expect to see mine on the page :frowning:

Thanks! I did do everything myself with the exception of making the textures (I use a photoreal texture pack and a few custom made textures).

The character was made prior to the contest by me. Making a fully rigged and animated character from scratch would have taken me the entire contest! So I decided to use one I already had and focus on setting up the gameplay.

Building on previous knowledge and scripts has allowed me to develop the fast workflow I needed to make this game in limited time.

Expect the next version to be far better, since I have no time constraints.

It seems like Siegel’s link wasn’t working before…I put the new link so please go and check his entry if you haven’t already…

We made it all from scratch except a few sounds, but most were recorded by us with a crappy mic!! :smiley: (You can probaby tell). We put allot of time into making it and never got around to finishing the “game” although our original concept was simply a walkthrough. We wont finish this project however. Its pretty much stopped where it is.

Oh and the freelook script and distress font were pulled from the Squish the Bunny game in the blender gamekit

Lol, really nice games inside this contest. I like them all. Some people show there game engine knowledge and know how to use Python too, and some another person just tried to make a really nice feeling while playing, like sounds and ghosts walking around. :smiley:

May the best win, I’m looking towards it. 8)

The contest did not entail that it be required to be a game so we decided to do something different because we knew everyone was going to make a game. We started adding a game side later on when we thought perhaps it didn’t have enough.

I voted for Andy83. Very nice work, and that ending was SCARY! :o
When is the next contest, anyway? :smiley:

No idea, maybe we should make a break. I was thinking to organise the Christmas contest again, like I did last year. I loved to do it, and the amount of entry’s where good. (6 I thought) So maybe that will be the next thing.