VOTE NOW for best room in the Environment contest!

Try not to vote for your self!!!

ok. these are the entries that were submitted even though some were a little late!!




Doc Holiday:







goodluck everyone. Voting is for 3 days…

Will there be any prizes? Just curious.

Good luck to everyone!

Every entry is really good :smiley:

thanx :smiley:

Yo! Thanks to all Voters. And good Luck to all Participant. I think we have done an exciting Contest. :smiley:

:smiley: :o Wow ! Congratulations for everyone!
Nice enviroments and light stuff…

i just like to say that Doc Holiday’s entry is superb,
i mean you actually painted those textures yourself thats awsome

Congrats to all who entered :wink:
Some of the entries (especially Doc’s) look very professional

doc wins( imao )
i really like everything about it
the right glow for the coles( or whatever you call them )
it really looks like a temple/dungeon
i like the lighting and the model

Thank You Guys for giving all that positive Comments. I feel very good because You saying that. :smiley:
Thank’s again.

dmn those looks good :slight_smile:

Doc H you did the most profesional one(Thats my opinien)
But that dosent mean the other one was bad :slight_smile: Good work everyone :smiley:

when first i saw Doc’s entry i said “HOLY SHIT!”

Doc wins!!!

A great scene.

good work everyone, keep blending and improving your skills

for the next gameblender competition, who ever next starts a serious one…

i would suggest that Doc organise the next competition as he was the winner…


Congratulations Doc. Very nice work!!


Congratulations, doc! :smiley:
(you deserved to win)

good work Doc 8)

Thank’s to all who have voted (special for me! ;)) and congratulations to all Participant. You all have done Your best and We really made an exciting Contest. This is the first Thing i’ve ever won in my Life. I’m so happy! Thank You all! Special to You Abracsis, for Your great Job as Contest Organizer.

That’s why im afraid a little. I don’t think i can do that Job as good as You. From next Week im no more “Doc Holiday”, im “Doc at Work” again. My English is a Desaster, and i don’t know i can get the Time. I hope someone other can take over. I know, it’s not nice to let You Guys hang, but i think it’s better to say this now than when it’s to late.

Doc Holiday can you at least pick a topic for the next gameengine contest?
I’ve never organized a contest but i’ll give it a shot, I mean how hard can it be right? —i’m thinking…

  1. Make a post with the contest’s rules and topic
  2. have people enter (hopefully at least 10 people)
  3. update the post to show who’s entered the contest
  4. make a seperate post for the contest entries and voting

if I’m missing a step here let me know people or if someone else already knows how to organize one and want’s to do it even better… :o

If You would do that Job friedbrain, You would be my Hero. :smiley: The Steps are looking good. Abracsis did it the same Way, right? So, i think it’s ok.
A Topic, yes … hmm … let’s see. I would like to see a Mini-Game-Contest. Modelling and texturing are not so much important than. Just Idea, Gameplay and Fun will be judged! The Contributions are downloadable *.blend-Files with max 1MB. What do You think?

that sounds good, how much time do you think we should give the participants to complete this contest it’s got to be more than 1 week maybe
2 or 3 weeks i’m thinking, plus i got to find someone whos willing to
host the blend files, any takers out there?suggestions are welcome too.