Vote on your favourite renderer!

I can’t decide what’s best so I’ll let you decide :slight_smile:

So what if your favourite renderer is not on that list ?

What’s your favourite?

What makes a renderer best? How about defining that upfront? Speed? physically correctness? free? cheap? easy to use? good for stills? good for animations? getting the job done? tight integration? most features?

To me it seems that´s yet another populist thread on “tell me what you think is the hippest renderer and I´ll use it because I want to be one of the cool kids”.
How about choosing a raytracer that fits your requirements?
Or ask what are the advantages and disadvantages for doing XYZ between raytracer U and V?

You also forget a few that work with Blender or even got exporters in your poll:


And to name some more that most likely would work with blender to an extend using .obj:

3Delight, AccuRender, Advanced Rendering Toolkit, AIR, Angel, ARC+ Render, Artishock Graphics, Blue Moon Rendering Tools, Dali, Radiance, Elvish Ray, Gray, dRad, mma-Ray, T, lios Radiosity Renderer, neus, uana, digo, spirerJaTrac, JIG, jrMan, Hungry Cat, Kilauea, KosmoKleaner Raytracer, Kray, Lefty, Lightflow, Lightsprint, LightWorks, LightRay, Lucille, Lux Render, Mental Boy, Mental Ray, Meridian (formerly RenderFish), Metropolight, MiniLight, MLT Renderer, muRay, Mystique, OPath, Pane, PARC, PBRT, Perceptuum, Phos, Pixie, POV-Ray and MegaPOV, PowerSketch/Real, PR, Radium, Ray of Light, Ray-Bundle Renderer, RayWonder, redqueen, RenderBitch, RenderCat, RenderKuh, RenderPark, RenderSpud, Render-Dot-C, Rendition, Rhea, Roel’s Raytracer, Roel’s Raytracer 2, SAFIR, Speos, SSRT (Shaun’s Simple RayTracer), Sunflow, TLRCam, Toxic, Turtle, Verso [slumber], Vidro, Vrtualight [now in Caligari Truespace], WinOSi, YafaRay (succeeds YafRay), YASRT (Yet Another Simple Ray Tracer), VoxelRender, WizardEye3D, Lightscape, Muse, Dream Quest, GNU GMAN, Illuminate, Inyo, Luminaire, PiscisRT, RadiosGL, Raja, Raycer, RenderX, R.I.S.E., Virtuality, zRcube, UDRVE, Gelato, RayBox, RenderDrive, rs-mr (mental ray), Arion, Augenblick, iRay, Octane, OpenRL…

Which one´s the BEST now? :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your favourite?

I don’t have a favourite. I think arexma has summed up your blinkered view well enough.

Jesus Christ this was meant to be a fun thread just seeing which out of the list of renderers was best for you, which you preferred. Did’t mean to start world war bloody 3. (and i said ‘favourite’ renderer not ‘best’)

@arexma: I didn’t post this to see what people like and follow suit, I use BI and cycles and don’t work at all well with external renders, so I am not about to follow the “lets see what the cool kids are using” band wagon.

However, I do understand all that has been said, and admittedly you are right, I have missed a lot of render options out of the poll, an I knew this when I was posting it, but could I really list all the ones that you have stated? I picked ones that I had heard of and tried (although I haven’t tried octane and indigo) and ones that I thought other people will most likely have tried. Still I apologise for not creating a worthy thread, and shall hang my head in shame :frowning:

Having said that I still feel that there is no need to be rude about a misunderstanding Richard Marklew, my “blinkered view” may be one thing, but for you to say my favourite isn’t on the list, then next post say “I don’t have a favourite”…? WTF?

Anyway thank you arexma, at least you were honest and kind about it. I will try to do better next time.

EDIT: and looking at it now, all i needed to do was put an ‘other’ option in the poll and all of this would have been avoided :smiley: lol

BI serves me fine unless for some special cases.

I have only used the two Blender renderers from the above list, and despite the noise, and since my 3D interest are almost entirely limited to modeling and rendering stills (for now, since I don’t have much time to enhance my topology skills, I do mostly abstract stuff) I prefer Cycles. I can’t trade GI !

Its easy to get noise free cycles, just change the passes to some ludicrous amount :slight_smile:

Mine the BI cause it’s pretty much the only one I can use.

I asked my hardware, and it looked very pissed :slight_smile:

Lol comment of the year :smiley: