VOTING: blender-pt Origami contest

Recently the members of the Portuguese blender forum
organized a small contest, just for fun, no prises, to see who could came up with the most original Origamimade, not with paper, but Blender.

Because we don’t have a jury, we kindly appeal to blenderartists members to give us an hand with this so troublesome task. Because even the person that originally gave the idea is entering the contest, we thought it would be the best way to keep everything unbiased.

The evaluation criterion is:
- Originality -> 45%
- Photo-realism -> 35%
- Presentation -> 20%

And now presenting the candidates:

Original thread can be found here

Some excellent entries, i’m going to have to think for a while…

In the most likely case a moderator spots a copy of this thread I apologize, I thought this one had been lost and double posted.
Anyway this one is the one :slight_smile:

Just been having a look at your site (, i’ve never come across it in Google???

TBH, even though i’ve never studied Portuguese I could get by, one word in ten I couldn’t guess correctly, but I was using Google translate by the side, so…

But, I thought this must be wrong?|en|Competi%C3%A7%C3%B5es%20%E2%80%93%20Alojamento%20das%20competi%C3%A7%C3%B5es%20do%20Blender-PT

Google is something special, but it’s not it fault. It’s like English “Duck” the animal and “duck” to get down :stuck_out_tongue: Same word placed in different context means different things.

Competições – Alojamento das competições do Blender-PT
Stand’s for something like “Competitions - Place to show competitions”

Proud of being portuguese :smiley:


A tough decision… most of them are excellent in terms of originality and also feasibility :slight_smile:

Nice entries everyone. Kaltyiontrish’s and MAR71N’s were my favorites. Love the contest idea too.

@rogper, any chance of seeing an origami challenge hosted here at BA one of these days?

Thanks, :slight_smile: I’m a bit hand’s full at the moment, but you may start one if you wish. I also would love to see this competition here at blenderartists.

Congratulations fc25! You’re the Winner!
and of course nothing like a song to celebrate :wink:

Thank you very much voters!
This hardly could have been done without your help :yes:

Thank you voters! :smiley:
Was a tight competition :stuck_out_tongue:
Haha , it was a great idea to post chocobo songs rogper! thanks!

We must continue making stuff like this contests, we have to boost the portuguese comunity :slight_smile:

Thank you to all who spent their time to vote.
The Fc25 was the clear winner.