--VOTING-- Character contest @Mixamo.com $$$Cash Prizes$$$

We want the whole work so we can judge the topology of the mesh.
The models you send fall under our confidentiality TOS: http://www.mixamo.com/home/legal
Terms 2 and 3 cover all your rights to protected Data.

Great! Im in!

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1st place: Annual design3 membership ($179.95 value)
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3rd place: 3 month design3 membership ($59.85 value)


Wow - this is getting better and better. I can’t wait to get my piece finished.

Hi, new to the forum, one questio tho

  1. can we post our progress here and recieve critiques (not to mention inspire others ;])

@Bria think of it this way… count the faces you have in your mesh, multiply it by 2 and that gives you your triangle count, bcuz every square = 2 triangles

Sure ! Go ahead !

really interesting, can we use the software we want or is it just a Blender competition ?
I would like to try sculptris on this one.

It is no Blender contest, we just require .fbx or .obj files to enter.

does anyone know of a way i can count the poly’s on the model?

It’s on the info bar:
Ve = vertices
Ed = edges
Fa = faces

do ctrl+T to triangulate the model and check it’s triangle count. Then hit ctrl+z to return to quads mode and continue to model.

CRUD!!! A132 has too many tri’s.

oh well. im using her for my projects anyway :smiley:

Make sure she is low polygon.

that would take a while. best i not use her anyways. :smiley:

Does the character need to have human anatomy? For example, is it a problem for it to have a tail or a leg with an extra joint? The contest guidelines only say it needs to have 2 arms and 2 legs.

Tiny tails work. What kind of extra joint do you add to the legs ? If you don’t want to post it here you can send a blurb at [email protected] so I can tell you about it.

I guess I mean something like a bird leg, like the one on the left as opposed to the human one on the right:


the mixamo models (male-feme) have over 1.3k-1.5k so they can be used with no problem! :eyebrowlift2:


right now we don’t support that kind of bird leg. We are working on it at this moment, Mixamo.com should be able to retarget animation to it however. If this is a pivotal part of your character then you can use the bird legs but but try not to over exaggerate them.

Deadline for submissions has passed for the character contest, voting begins August 28th. Be ready to vote for some amazing characters !
Meanwhile, our Pro characters are FREE to download here : http://www.mixamo.com/characters/new

VOTING HAS BEGUN: Contest Voting