Voting Closed for Mini-Game Contest

And so the voting begins and may the best game win,
i guess it wasn’t all that bad 6 out of 11 participants
actually finished, the list is in the order of whom submitted
their entry first.

the .exe is here:




The link(blend):
The link(exe):


there all very good games but it was (for me) between andy pepuis and lemmy i think lemmy would have got my vote if the mouse movment was smoother. andy game was good but kinda got repetive after a few games and pepuis game was good it was very adictive and fun but once you completed it there wasnt much else to do but i think my vote is going to have to go to andy just for the smoothness and how well it was put together-ness (hehe :stuck_out_tongue: my english is too good hehe… and im from england…) but like i said all really great game alltho xhyldazhk’s wouldnt load for me said somthing about “you dont have permision”


i liked all the games. my vote was between friedbrain , Pepius ,Andy83.
Andy83 got my vote Becaus i Liked that game best(But that dosent mean the other games was bad :wink: )

All of the games are good in their own different ways, so this was a tough decision. In the end I’m going for Pepius’s game, since I loved that concept and gameplay. It’s simple yet fun, and has great potential for expansion.

Great work by everyone who entered, I enjoyed playing all of your games :slight_smile:

Couldn’t access xhyldazhk’s file though :-?

Try this link, maybe the server doesn’t allow external linking…

I’ll put the keys to make it work again (they’re kinda hard to figure out):
Arrows, A, Z: Move 3D cursor
Ctrl + Arrows: Rotate view
Tab: change brick
Spacebar: paint a brick
Del: erase brick in cursor position if one
Ctrl + Del: erase all
S: save
L: load

:-? Mmmh hard to vote for a game, I played all of them and I can say, they are all very cool. I like the boat game, lego builder, first person shooter, shooting gallery, ball game and starturrent.

But ok here it comes, I’m really thinking about these 2 games, Lemmy’s one and the one from Pepius.

lemmy: moonlight
because it’s clean, nice textures, and just overall nice quality of a short game

pepius: pepiuzgame
because it’s a orginal gameplay and I never saw this gameplay in blender before. I like it.

So I vote Pepius, but if I should give them a number it was like

  • lemmy 9,8
  • pepius 9,9
    So lemmy was very close, but it’s just the gameplay that makes pepius game very cool.

wow! they all are so good dude. really nice, i love brick edit :D, such a decision. erm, lets see what im gonna vote for. lemmy/friedbraine are drawing with me. im goin with fried, nice game too all that enterd tho thumbs up

:x Crap! THe contest starts while I’m on vacation! I’ll be able to play them later today, I think.

Just need some feedback from everyone, is 5 days a good time span
for voting?i figure starts on monday and announce the winner on saturday?(hey i’m new at this contest organizing thing, i got no clue :-?)

haha lol, why not till tomoro night?

Wow, thanks! :smiley:
Your comments are very motivating, thank you. :smiley:

A note to all: The blend requires 2.25 It won’t work with 2.34

:smiley: Very well done everybody!
But i think Lemmy’s game is the best. I liked the enemy’s design very much, the gameplay is fine the sounds creates a nice atmosphere. Maybe the level textures could be incresed a little… :wink:

Some nice Games came out with this Contest. Well done everybody! But my Favorite is Andy83! :smiley:

to see xhyldazhk´s game copy and past the adress!

great stuff guys

as usual its great to see how many ways blenders game engine can be used.

andy83 - great looking game and addictive as hell - came close to getting my vote

pepius - got my vote - love puzzle games and this had me hooked - more levels please…

jrt - always enjoy your games jrt - and every one you make is different - camera was a bit dodgy but excellent boat/float/wake effects and gun control worked well

friedbrain - bit difficult to control with keys (would be nice to have mouse control) but good fun anyway

lemmy - excellent start to a fps and i loved the end level design. the interface was also very well done.

xhyldazhk - cool basis for a level editor - like to see it extended later on.

all in all - great job by all - inspires me to get involved with the next contest…



speaking of next game engine contest, will the winner of this one please
make one up so we can keep this GE contests going, if not just pick a topic and i’ll try organizing it again :smiley:

Whoow, it’s going to be very compentive, 5 people have 5 votes :stuck_out_tongue: Well let the best win :smiley:

5 people? dont u mean 3?

YAY! I have 5 votes! :smiley:

This is cool lol :slight_smile: