VOTING: Year-Long Blender Tourney Week #08


Past/Present/Future Aircrafts/planes


wire /uploads/default/original/3X/e/a/ea151f4971c7611db631dbbf8e97d8564f9e3dca.jpgd=1299960152

wire /uploads/default/original/3X/6/5/65fe9d3e0d44cc777bf990ad80df6c62c2a635f3.jpgd=1299840781

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Late Entries

wire top /uploads/default/original/3X/1/4/144b67d1d91f91f2e833dd4683013f05cde33abf.jpgd=1299984993
wire side /uploads/default/original/3X/1/4/144b67d1d91f91f2e833dd4683013f05cde33abf.jpgd=1299984993

Good Luck Everyone!

oooh, how long has this been here?

(I save my vote for later!)

@PB, why aren’t the wires up for Taz’s entry? Don’t make us Ohioans look bad now :slight_smile:

I’ll need to think on this one for a while too. Usually I have a favorite, but this one’s tough…

Rarebit you got my vote. The first time I saw your design it reminded me of one of my favorite toys when I was younger.

@ HELIX lol i got it, she didnt have it posted when i made the thread

And this is HELIX saying “Give me the vote…come on! Give me the vote!!”

Just kidding…

Lol, oh that’s it Robo! The gloves are coming off now. Perhaps we should settle this like gentlemen, with a duel.

That actually reminded me of Transformers a bit…in a strange way…

Wouldn’t it be cool if Transformers were steam powered?

lol yea it would lol

You might be on to something Robo! Maybe this will inspire you to do the full length version.

Steampunk Transformer

Steampunk Transformer - Composting Breakdown

Mhmm yes…a full length film added to my infinitely long list of other todos…

@Levi, it was fun for me too, I made those as a kid and have fairly recently done them with all my nephews too…

I’m really struggling who to vote for, I like every single one of them…

Oh Noes! a 3-way tie! hope it breaks lol

I love ties, very exciting! Only it should be a six way.


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Congrats HELIX

Hey thanks, that was a squeaker lol. Nice work everyone!

Not much time for the comps this week, hopefully I’ll be freed up for next week.

Some precision Blendering there Helix, spot on!