VOTING: Year-Long Blender Tourney Week #20

This weeks topic:



Swap me out for missmajor if need be?

I’m a little bit confused here, is there only 2 entries from each week that get a chance to be voted on? I did enter this contest. This is my first time competing in the year tournament, so I’m not entirely clear on rules. Or did you just forget to include me? If that’s the case could you add me or even make a new updated poll if needed? I worked very hard on this and if it was a mistake I would hate for it to go to waste :frowning:

He made a mistake. I don’t mind if you have the victory or a new thread is posted, as could tell you spent a long time on it.

My vote goes to missmajor! Sorry Mr T!

Would have been a major miss if I hadn’t got to vote for missmajor :slight_smile:

aww thanks :smiley: I love that play on words :slight_smile:

Thanks to the mod who added the option to the poll.
Sorry, missmajor, I’ll be sure double check before I press submit this time