Votive candles and cross

http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=med1rd9.jpgI did this one for my church. %100 blender.


Nice picture, I’m sure they’ll like it. My only suggestion would be to turn down the light on the base of the cross, it’s a bit hot.

Thanx for the comment, The strong light at the base of the cross was intentional.

Nice image.

But why do you use this spot as a light for the cross - wouldn’t it look much more natural to use the candles as the main/only light source? I think this would be totally sufficient and perhaps create a better atmosphere. And it would create a more natural shadow around the cross than now.

I couldn’t get the effect they wanted that way. They were VERY happy.

My personal opinion is that the cross needs work, or at least the material does. It looks more plasticine to me, rather than wood.

Either way, nice work, the candles are awesome, and I’m glad they liked it ^-^

The candles and the wall looks great, keep going :slight_smile: