[voulenteer work]The making of ANTIMEY! and associated technologies

hello friends,
I am Hrijul and currently I am trying to make a series of films in blender. films are based on the concept ‘life, life choices and death’. for this my team needs sculptors riggers and animators
we already have writers environment artists.
we expect skills in photo-realism in characters.
we are also looking forward to start crowdfunding and if that gets successful all positions will be paid ones.
project timeline
10th February start of pre-production
15th may start of production
also anyone who is interested to join us in terms of financial support are also welcome
we are trying to raise 500 dollars for the project
mostly render farm costs and artist compensation an hosting costs.

Hi, thanks for inviting me in the discussion.
It would we an amazing experience for me.
I am good in modeling and pretty good in sculpting.
Let me know if I can be useful for you! :slight_smile:

yess miha didi you can help us
please get in touch by mail
[email protected]
for further talks

my discord link

Ok, thankyou :slight_smile:

can we fix a time for calls and further communications?

Hello. I have just got your invitation and yes, I do want to join your project.

I have experience in animation and a little bit on compositing so count me in. However, though, I am involved in other projects as well so please contact me when you’ve got something for me to do.

Here’s my contact email:
[email protected]

Will you be needing voice acing?

Can you speak Bengali?? I mean totally broken bengali.

any reason you’ve picked such a Depressing-sounding topic?

Mmm lighting

“mmm lighting”? what does that mean? Your animation has bad, depressing lighting??

Tor pe6one lagar hole call kor ekhane korishna

pechone lagar hole? I asked you why you’re making depressing movies…? Anyway, I’m ending this conversation.