Vox Importer (Magicavoxel to Blender)

Just arrived on Blender Market.

I don’t expect a lot of Magicavoxel users here, but if you are then this importer is a must.
This importer has the following benefits over existing importers:

  • Fastest importer
  • Support materials
  • Mesh optimization

The Vox Importer for Blender lets you import .vox files made with Magicavoxel (A free, lightweight 8-bit voxel editor). It is the fastest Magicavoxel importer, supports materials, and optimizes the mesh. For example, the monu3.vox that comes with Magica loads in 3 seconds. Once imported, you can use all Blender features and render your models.

The importer supports the materials that you created in Magicavoxel. Here I imported the monu3.vox, and materials are automatically converted to materials for Blender:

Unlike other importers, the Vox Importer does optimize the mesh. This means you now have one water-tight mesh instead of separate tiny voxels; vertices are merged with no interior faces. Such optimization is crucial if you want to use booleans, physics, and many other features of Blender. In other words, the mesh is optimized to use with Blender.

For more info, check the link on top of this post.



Ah nice. Magicavoxel is awesome :+1:

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In this video, I show you how refreshing it is to use Magicavoxel as a tool. It works a bit meditative.