Voxel cone render engine (nice to read article new technique).


This is a pretty old technique at this point. Nvidia unveiled vxgi a few years back.

Meh. By that standard, most techniques are old by the time they get into production. It was presented in 2011 in this paper. And before nvidia, Epic tried their hand at it - but that was before the current gen console specs were unveiled, so they failed.

VXGI or similar hasn’t shipped in a single game yet that I know of. Calling it old is just plain weird.

That they finally managed to optimize it to the point of shipping a game like Tomorrow Children with it on the crappy console hardware is a nice achievement.

I wish the render pipeline were super flexible like armoury engines,

so you can easily plug in a different render node group and impliment something like this without pulling any teeth.


“Got in touch with Ton recently, I may be giving him a visit by the end of September, but nothing set in stone yet. The talk would be mainly about the new ‘PBR’ viewport as the priority for Blender Foundation is to get the new viewport going, which is understandable. Maybe I can show off some cool Armory stuff to embrace realtime content creation area a bit more and not let Blender fall short here. This would mean easier integration with any tools, not exclusive to Armory(like the mentioned 'interactive mode”