Voxel files

Has anyone successfully imported Blender voxel data? I created a couple of voxel files in the Blender Voxel format and Blender seems to treat them as if they were filled with zeros.

If you have been able to do this successfully, would you be willing to share the voxel file so I can see where I’m going wrong?

dear jhaiduce, i experience the same issue with blender 2.54 and 2.55, for both “8 bit RAW” and for “Blender Voxel” data sets. really frustrating. either nothing gets rendered, or just one voxel. but for an older version of blender (i think it was 2.5 alpha) it did work more or less - although i wasn’t able to control fully the rendering parameters like opaqueness. i believe the voxel data importing or rendering function is simply broken in the current blender versions. i deal with brain and skull data. in this respect it would be really sensefull if data importing would also cover standard generic open-source file formats like NIFTI (nii files) that include in the header for example physical dimensions like voxel size. i have no problem sharing data with you though currently it doesn’t make much sense. look at my previous posts. bye.