Voxel game textures, models, and animations

Hi, I am looking for someone to create textures and 3D models for my voxel game “Cube Universe”.


  • 3+ years of experience in graphic design for games
  • Windows PC to run the game

What I need:

  • Block textures
  • 3D models (e.g. creatures, furniture, decoration)
  • Animations/Poses
  • UI textures (icons, background textures, etc.)


  • Art style: Blizzard-like (WoW)
  • Block textures:
    • 0.5 m blocks with 64x64 pixel textures
    • Seamless
    • Mipmaps
    • Normal maps for some blocks
    • Luminescence for some blocks, e.g. mushrooms (brightness = 1.0 - alpha channel)
  • 3D models:
    • Made out of 1/32 m sized voxels
    • Support up to 128 pixels per meter for textures (so 4x4 pixels per voxel), this can be used for details like eyes and some noise instead of flat colors


  • In-game editor
    • Supports creating models
    • Supports painting directly onto voxels
    • Supports import of MagicaVoxel and Wavefront models
  • Blender (can be used for texture painting if preferred)
  • Textures in PNG or DDS format (DDS plugin is available for GIMP and PS)

Optional skills:
The following skills would be nice-to-have, but are not required:

  • Marketing
  • Webdesign

Payment and scope:
This is a long-term project and you will get paid per hour. The budget is up to $1500 for now, future work will be funded through sales of the game. (It’s already in Early Access, all that’s needed for marketing and more sales is to make the game look better.)



I can help out.
Please check PM and discord.

Sofia G

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