voxel npc's that dig

For the block easy demo by vegetablejuicef.How would I make a npc that will dig the cubes automatically?

You do not understand my question.

Make him find closest block, track to it - if a ray casted from him to the block(using rayCast command in script) doesn’t hit anything else it it’s way, continue tracking to block, head over to it and, when block is close enaugh, do the same script as player does for destroying the block, but do automaticly. I hope you know how to do it yourself:)

All the block in the block easy demo are no collision.And they need to be that way to keep the frame rate high.I don’t know how to do that.

Than how does player not fall through them?

I only spawn invisible physical cubes that are at most 1 block away.
( a lod in a sense? )

Why would far away cubes need physics?

You either learn path finding algorithms.
Or trigger the remove cube process based on your own rules (where the npc looks?)

Either way, you would have to know the system enough, to not ask “based on vegetables’s something” but “based on my implementation”.

(If you care about not very helpful videos about this from 2013, https://www.youtube.com/user/VegetableJuiceFTW/videos)