Voxel Rock Bands - Final Update + Sketchfab

Hello everybody!

Fun little project I made today, with MagicaVoxel and Inkscape, and rendered in blender cycles:

Voxel rock bands!

I made 6 of them so far, will there be more? Maybe! (update: yes there are more) It’d be fun if you said in the comments what bands you’d like to see voxelised ^^

Thanks for reading!

update note: now with accurate left/right handed musicians

update 2: more bands posted below, kraftwerk daft punk and gorillaz

update 3: six new bands, Ramones, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Elton John, Chuck Berry, Stray Cats - Also, sketchfab models!

Sketchfab Hall Of Fame:


The White Stripes:


(more below)

update note: now with accurate left/right handed musicians

Jimmy Hendrix:

The Beatles:


Curt C. & Jimi H. both played left handed :wink:
Nice idea though.
Did you intentionally went with flat diffuse shading?
Thinking might look better in 8bit-color-PBR… next stop ‘3D prints’. :yes:

OOPS you’re right! So does Sir Paul Mc Cartney!
I’ll updates the images soon :wink:

Yes the flat shading is intentionnal, I tried to replicate somehow how it looked in magica Voxel, but the 8-bit color PBR is a nice idea! I might try it out ^^
If anything, I’d love to 3D print the white stripes :smiley: although it might need some adjustement!
Thanks for the comment

this is great, I am sure you will show up on Buzzfeed or something and get lots of internet fame from this. Keep it up!

Obvious next entry in the list (at least for me) Kraftwerk!

Hey thanks Kemmler! That’s really kind ^^
Your message made me think, so I thought it could be fun to upload this on 9gag, before anyone else might do it!
you guys can upvote me if you like :wink:

I’ll definently make Kraftwerk when I have the time! brillant idea!

Also I updated left/right handed musicians!

Kemmler, you asked for it :wink:
I made three eletro-themed bands

Daft punk:



Very good! So simple and yet so recognizable. Would be nice to see what you’d make of a shock rock band like KISS or Marilyn Manson.

Thanks Meshmonkey! Actually Kiss was alerady on my list :wink: I think Alice Cooper will be more recognizable than Marilyn!

Great project, wonderful idea! The images made me smile, thanks for

well done. one which should be recognizable in this style could be The Ramones :smiley:

Great stuff there! :smiley:

Thanks guys!!!
DanielSP I had already made the ramones when I saw your post :wink:
Here they are:

Elton John:


And more (and that will be all!)

Alice Cooper:

the Stray Cats:

Chuck Berry:

Yay, great update again! Really love the Kiss picture ([email protected])

thanks man! Yeah I figured if I did Kiss I had to make the tongue one way or another or it just wouldn’t be right :wink: