voxel sculpting in blender? Farsthary says yes.

In case someone missed it, or just want to discuss it.



I recently started to gather information and research in order to implement for Blender some system for Voxel sculting, or free sculpting like 3D Coat has brought to light (though the term is nothing new). Currently I´m in very early stages so don´t expect to much for now, I just want to inform that I´m on the road and open to collaboration with other devs and of course any help from the community is always very appreciated and needed.

For this project volumetrics were an incredible experience (thanks to Matt Ebb and everyone) and in fact the voxel system I plan to implement (in a similar way that the GSOC 2006 Voxel proposal for Blender) should integrate/unify at final stages all the voxel data layout in Blender, for rendering (voxeldata textures) and simulation (smoke/fire) and provide means for handling very big datasets, potentially unlimited size (papers on this topic please!).

I want to thank also Joe for his help that could save me days of work figure out how to integrate my ideas in Blender One cool thing about this project is that it has made me learn OpenGL and Blender viewport programming that I where avoiding till now because I thougth It was difficult, but not at all! In fact is very fun!

This project, like True volumetrics is very ambitious, so don´t expect it over nigth, also I have started to work now oficially in my University in an Education Technology group (making educational materials, multimedias,web, games, several resources and you know I will insert Blender there ) also I have pending other projects like integrating a true GI solution for Blender that will require synchronization with current projects like Raytrace optimizations and Matt Ebb plans on it.

But just like I said when I started developing volumetrics, I have the will and the interest to implement this for Blender.


Will be great. Would be cool if smoke could be made from a voxel object without the need for a domain.

I guess voxel objects will only have sculpt and object mode? cool anyway. Can’t wait.

there’s allready a topic for this:


That topic was about Farsthary’s proposal, this thread is about Farsthary’s blog post saying he’s actually started to work on it.:wink:

Farsthary Rocks - PERIOD! :slight_smile: :RocknRoll:

I had totally missed that when it was discussed… and looked for it (thought this was “news” so I expected it to be on the first page of threads) but didn’t do a proper search… anyway, my thread has a picture!

And the former thread is aimed at learning voxels… now it looks more like making voxels.

To those that have used 3dcoat, what does voxel sculpting offer that the polygon based sculpting that’s currently in Blender can’t do.

I know this project is bigger than just voxel sculpting but if voxel sculpting is developed won’t we end with essentially two ways of doing the same thing and from the little I have read about voxel sculpting doesn’t it require more resources to use than regular poly based sculpting.

It’s very diffrent.

Voxel sculpting is actaully like working with clay, polygon sculpting (the way Zbrush/ blender/ mudbox does it) is very very diffrent, you need to plan ahead with the base mesh, you can’t extrude endlessly, or create holes and hollow out the mesh.

The two sculpting methods can work well for there own things, but for quick concept sculpting i’d say voxel sculpting maybe quick, for organic stuff anyway. I still think polygon sculpting is much better for hard bodied surfaces, like armour and buildings.

voxels have linear divisions…sorta, and avoid the issues where a polygonal model might have not had enough detail in one area for sculpting.(the places where you occasionally get low poly noise).

Voxels in blender would be cool! So long as you integrated them enough so that the full blender toolset could be used with them (retopo, uv paint etc) I think they’d be a really great addition. This is what makes 3dcoat so awesome. Not just the voxel sculpting, but the fact that you can do the entire modeling to texturing process, and reduce polygon wrangling to a bare minimum.

I love the ‘sculpt it first’ approach to 3dcoat. The only time I deal with polyons is retopo and UV now.