Voxelfarm-like features in blender? / parametric voxel modeling

I searched the forums if someone already mentioned this, but couldn’t find anything:


the accompanying blog is also noteworthy: http://procworld.blogspot.de/

Does / did anyone work on something like this for blender? Voxels would make parametric modeling combined with the blender node-editor very cool.

take a look at this video from their website for example:

I guess “all” that would be needed would be two things:

  1. An integration of a popular voxel framework like openvdb with the node editor
  2. Either a fast mesher :wink: or voxel integration for cycles. (Seems like a good working mesher is a #1 feature) in most of the projects.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if there are already efforts in this direction in the blender community?

Blender has Metaballs that somehow resembles voxels (like in minecraft where the world is defined as points, but geometry is generated on the fly). Metaballs are such objects, that are represented in the same manner.

Also there is an addon called Sverchok that allows artists to do parametric modeling, I have not tried it though, I hope it works with metaballs. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Nodes/Sverchok

Blender is very flexible and adaptable software, if metaballs get some updates to support more features (like adaptive topology) and even more advanced features they could get extremely efficient and handy.

meta balls are pretty much useless in blender right now xD voxel farm does look amazing!

we have several nodes in scene section to make such things, so, all is possible. Mostly beta, but allready you can. soon will be object socket and things become more native

but not voxel. Voxels - is other reality thing. We use mesh and dream to use NURRBS. VOXELS is even not dream

@nikitron: are you the developer of sverchok?

The reason why I am asking is this: I made a very small script based on boost :: python. which renders openvdb-volumes in blender. I was thinking that giving the node editor access to this script would be an awesome addition to sverchok, as this would give blender and sverchock voxel-editing-capabilities.
for example as a first start I could expose a python-API for boolean operations on voxel volumes.

@Yeus: Make it so!! Lol! That sounds awesome!!