Voyage From Space To A Concrete Point In The Earth

Hi men, i’ve been searching and i think it could be my poor english or knowledge about the procedure’s name of that visual effect/animation that makes a trip or voyage from outer space to a concrete point,city in Earth, crossing the sky…That kind of stuff that its watched in so many movies. Or the one that is viewed in Google Earth when you play a trip to a concrete point; i can record that motion but i think that it could be copyrighted.

The thing is that for sure it has to be using raster cause i think u will never get a complete texture of the world at so much high resolution. Maybe it can be accomplished getting pictures at different highs and putting them in some way.

I saw a game engine tutorial about LOD, that changes the model to a higer or lower res one depending at which distance you were from the object. Anyhow i need it for final render, not game engine.

Any help or the way to correctly search for it in search engines?

Cool concept.

well, you could take screenshots from google earth as you fly in and map each screen shot onto a plane. Then, as the camera zooms in on the 1st plane, fade its alpha to 0 so that the second plane gradually fades into view. Repeat this for all the other planes until you have 1 plane left thats visible.

I’m not sure if images from google are copyrighted, but it shouldn’t matter much unless you want to sell the finished project.

they are copy righted
but your right if you dont profit you can use it