Vpred - runner game about deerish cartoon animal


I wanna show u my game, which is not finished yet but playable. This forum helps me to achieve what I have achieved here. I “stole” some python scrips from you and. Score limit is low for dev-testo purposes.
Use arrows for movement and space for jump. Game is in polish but all you need to know is that “wyjście” stands for exit.

You can download it from link below:

Please give me some feedback, how its working on your computer. Thank u in advance…

This is a cool game ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Congrats ! Looks nice, feels nice, and you can even speed it up! :smile:

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Thank for your opinion Seba, Really. I’m glad u like my game. Coud you tell me something about computer u have used to check out my work?

Ryzen 7 - 1700 8 cores, 32 gb ram, Ellesmere Radeon rx580 rog strix oc 8 gb, 250gb ssd, 2 tb hdd, Windows 10 pro n, wide monitor 21:9 Lg, 2560x1080. I like the way he spread his front legs when flying :joy:


New version. I have improoved “holes”, add nicer menu. New traps and obstacles will appear with points, even enemies! Check it out:

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