Vr Apartment

Hello there I’m currently using blender to create the models for this series of apartment sited in Milano. I’m developing it in Unity for Android, so the models are created with a phone capacity in mind.

I was reordering the collections and I noticed how much i liked the simplicity of some angles. I’m always looking for the perfect background, so i was kinda of surprised when I saw how good some of them looked with just a plain Cube around it.

Before the actual release of the Project i want to post some of that Simplicity here.
It will be posted randomicaly while I bake the lights for the scenes in Unity so don’t hate me too much for spamming.

After the release i’ll link the youtube video of the actual Vr Scenes to see what Urp does to my textures.
Should i link the designer for copyright? the models and the textures are created entirely by me.

*The stepstools sits are in Felcro, that’s why they’re so spongy.
Sorry for the round view but i frankly love it.