Vr, ram, cpu, fps, fr

OK I have a bit of a convoluted question. I am learning how to use blender and eventually unity in order to make realistic models of the universe for VR headsets like oculus and vive. Here is my question. When building a computer specifically for this purpose, how important is processor speed vs graphics card? Also, if the top of the line CPU or graphics card is not fast enough to run a game I am making, could I just install two of them and split the load between them? Thanks for the help!

Bottlenecks are typically not at your hardware and you solve them by having more hardware.

Bottlenecks come typically from inefficient design. For example: You render a complete forest rather than the trees that are in front of the camera, that it looks like a forest.

Transferred to your idea: you want to render detailed images of earth and mars at the same time. In the scale of the solar system you will never be able to see both planets in any detail at the same time. Just one can be detailed. The other is just a dot if there is anything to see. When you can’t see it, you do not need to render it.

This goes even further with details on one planet. You will not see the tree on earth, when looking from space even when you know it is there. At that scale you will not even see the forest.

So you better spend your energy in to decide what to see and what not.

Regarding hardware … as a hobbyist, use what you already have.

I had not thought of it that way, thanks! A better question is, if I want the part of the map that I am rendering to be extremely high quality to the point that you can not tell it is fake so that it is as immersive as possible, how can I tell the level of CPU, GPU, etc. that will be necessary to do this? Thanks for the help!