VR Ready Low Poly Artist

paid freelance modeling/texturing assets for oculus quest unreal engine VR project coming soon / throughout this fall who is fluent in English so it’s easy to communicate =)

please make sure your reply shows you have experience with:

highly optimized low poly / uv / normals

(we often avoid using using normal maps as geo with proper modeling + split normals is cheaper than normal maps)

textured to reach a stylized realistic look probably in substance painter

(we’ll be creating assets based on generic real world objects & branded objects)

also great if you can import and set up objects / materials / basic collision in unreal

project under nda due to brand restrictions so you wouldn’t be to share assets or art created

I’ve been working on these sort of projects for a few years & am now working on much bigger projects, so I’m looking for helpers. Cheers!

Hello, i don’t have to much experience in VR but i do have experience with low poly assets, here’s a link to my portfolio:

If you like my style and think i’m good enough, pm me.

going for more realism, thanks though!

Sorry to bother, but what type of realism are you looking for? Do you have any reference? I might be able to reach the level of detail you are looking for and make you a demo model to see if it fits your needs.

Sent you a PM!

I have some experience with VR projects.
Look mine portfolio:

I’ve had a number of replies - thanks everyone for your interest. I’m talking to candidates and still looking for someone who’s comfortable with custom normals. So if you’re comfortable with the blender 2.8 alt+n menu, this might be your thing!

Hey Paul!

I put this model together to demonstrate comfort with custom normals on low poly models for VR. The other models on my sketchfab profile demonstrate realistic stylized textures. I’m also experienced with setting up models in game engines including unreal!

Thanks for your time,

Hi. I would love to do that job. I am professional with blender and I can guarantee a good job at a reasonable price.

Here’s one of my reels.

If you are interested please contact me via e-mail
[email protected]

Kind regards.

Hi, I’m interested in this job offer. I have a lot of experience making low poly assets for Unreal Engine. I use Blender for all of my modeling and substance for all of my texturing. I am also familiar with using Houdini to make procedural assets for easy model variations.

Here is a portfolio of my work:

Some of my newer work can be seen on my Artstation:

Thanks. I’m looking forward to hearing back,

Anthony Pilcher
[email protected]

Hi there,

I’m interested in cooperation. I have about 10 years of experience, and VR, AR experience as well.

Portfolio- adrian2608.weebly.com

Feel free to contact here, or via the form on site.


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