VR rendering

Got an Oculus Go for Christmas - so wanted to try out some 360 degree VR rendering.

These are just some outputs from the BMPS material test scene with some of the materials I have created over the years - just to test things out. If you have a VR headset - just open these images up and make sure you view in 3D/360 mode.

To set a scene like this up:

  1. On the Render tab - make sure your render dimensions are 2:1 (in this case I used 4096 x 2048)
  2. On the Render layers tab - check the “views” checkbox and ensure it is set to “Stero 3d” (should be the default).
  3. Select your camera and on the camera tab - make the Camera Panoramic and set the drop down to "equirectangluar)/
  4. Still on the camera tab adjust the Convergence Plane Distance and Interoccular Distance parameters. These will be scene specific…so you’ll need to experiment a little. I set the convergence plane to intersect with the front of the BMPS ball - and then adjusted the interoccular distance to give me some stereo. Blender recommends the interoccular distance to be Convergence Distance / 30 and these figures seemed to qork quite well for me (10.6cm for Convergence and 3mm for interoccular).
  5. On the render tab, set your output format (e.g. JPEG) then in the “Views Format” section, ensure Stero 3D is selected and the Stereo Mode is set to “top-Bottom”

One thing to note. When you start rendering - the default is for blender to display the stereo result. This seems to cause a slow down in the render speed for some reason. To avoid this - click the small button that looks like a pair of 3d glasses. The view should switch to just show one of the stereo images and the render should speed up significantly.


A different experiment - Hallway from Blendswap (by user irokrhus)

Another test from Blendswap - beamrunner ship by turnpike101

Nice! I like this material, wherre did you did you get it/what is it called?

Also, not many people doing 3d/360 renders. Ive done a few my self. One is a warehouse, its empty thought haha. Idea was to use it as background for a “marble maze” sim i want to work on in unity. I dod a little bit with it but it had some bugs like following a marble and sometimes they would fly off the tracks. Its still very basic and the maze parts dont have any textures. Ive got other projects im working on right now though.

Which material?