VR Templates for UPBGE

I’ve finished setting up a patreon if you want to support my work, the templates are ready for use and the code is now cleaner for easy reading if you need, also there is no need for programming if you want to start working with it.
At the moment only Oculus headsets are configured but I’ll be working on other headsets as needed.
Here is the link if you’re interested. It would be very appreciated if you support my work.


I’ve updated the template since the last time I posted about it here, and this time the new version allows to automatically start the VR Session once the blend is opened, no need to start manually, and now you can interact using a finger to press buttons or the whole fist to punch objects, here’s a video about it:



Climbing is now possible, just adding 2 properties to any collision object, will transform it into a place you can grab to climb.