Vraag - Proof of Concept Update

(Bayesian) #1

“Blender Vraag” is a higher-level library for Blender scripting. Originally with a broader scope, the “Vraag Construct” part has pretty much taken over most of my efforts. Basically, “Vraag Construct” is OpenScad for Blender and Python. It allows you to construct scenes and geometry, much like in OpenScad, but as fully functional Blender data. Compared to OpenScad it lacks a few features, and the CSG is more messy/finicky, but the Blender integration also makes visualization a lot easier.

A quick sample code, which creates a unit cube, translated by 3 units along the X axis:


Lately I implemented a 3D Turtle Graphics System. It’s still slightly buggy, but basically it allows you to generate a sequence of transformations in 3D, much like in traditional Turtle graphics. From these transformations you can create vertices or a path for extrusion, create objects or use it for animation data. It may eventually be turned into the base for the Vraag Construct system.

For now though, most of this is just a proof of concept. I welcome comments, feature requests and I will probably I will merge most pull requests, as this projects tends to be on the back burner for me.

I have used the Construct system a lot recently, especially for 3D printing. In the examples directory there is a script which creates and visualizes a 3D printed panel for sliders and switches, and sets up export scenes for the panel and a paint mask.