Vray/3dsmax compatibility with BGE and other question


I tried out two things that envolves either 3ds max 9 and vray and/or blender.

First: I have alot of experience in 3ds max 9 and vray, so i put a Vray Dispcement Mod on a plan and exported it to blender to see if it would show up in the game engine, and come to find out it does not. Is there some kind of work around to get it to work? or is there a way to make displacements in blender?

Second, i have a very basic character and set a subsurf modifier on the characrter then i press P but its goes back to the standard low res character…was is that?:eyebrowlift2:

I dont think Vray features work in realtime in blender. But you can do displacement, either by adding a displacement modifier (which wont work in the BGE) or by using a script. also subsurf doesnt work in the game engine either.

modifiers does not work, they need to be applied. I think MalCanDo hinted that they would be easy to enable if people wanted to. Blender game engine is totally different from the renderer. A real time render engine needs to be super fast, a renderer for stills or movies needs to be super accurate. These two are very hard to combine.

Hmm so what about a script? Soo the only thing i can do is just to add some good bump maps to the engine to get what i want…i’ll go lengths to figure this out but i thought id drop by and ask if there was a way to make a displacment mod and make it compatible to the BGE.

imo you should stick with normal maps because displacement takes a large amount of polygons for it to look nice, and in the BGE its nice to keep things as low poly as possible