Vray Blender tests

(marcoG_ita) #1

Testing out Vray for Blender on a highly WIP ‘dummy’ scene of mine. Needless to say Vray is great! I hope some renderfarm will start giving the option to choose Vray for Blender and not only Cycles.

IC + LC. Needs a bit more AA samples but still like night and day compared to Cycles for this kind of scenarios.

EDIT: more AA samples, less noise. 25 minutes


(juancarlosgzrz) #2

Greaat! I like so much the granite material. It makes me feel comfortable.

(marcoG_ita) #3

Thank you!

Test with House Breukelen, original scene by lechu [1]
Vray for Blender - IrrMap + LightCache - about 40 minutes


(marcoG_ita) #4

Quick and dirty test with Vray proxy, scattered with Blender particle system



(marcoG_ita) #5

Testing caustics with the invisible spot lamp trick. Unsure where artifacts are coming from.


(Ace Dragon) #6

The quality is very much in line with what I would expect from one of the industry leaders.

Has Vray gotten any simpler to use though as of recent years? I believe I’ve heard before that the engine is similar to Mental Ray in this respect (in that you have a ton of settings to deal with which can potentially create major speed ups in rendering, but at the cost of a lot of tweaking time depending on the scene).

(marcoG_ita) #7

It is still an engine where you must know what to touch, once you learnt though is more or less straightforward, the resources online are so much…and the settings you need to touch are small compared to the ones exposed (which are just crazy)
The Blender version though is even more difficult than 3dsMax, which got some easy to use presets for beginners with latest versions.

Overall though, Vray opens the doors for scenes which with Cycles are barely feasible. The first scene i posted come out almost “out of the box” with the right settings (most common archviz settings), Cycles just struggles too much.

(Youssef Charles (يوسف تشرلز)) #8

Last I used vray it wasn’t complicated at all,
it’s actually really easy to learn

(JuhaW) #9

Rendertime displacement based on noise node. 1 object, 1 material nothing else, no modifiers, UV’s etc. Using node > sampler >facing ratio for extra color variation
Displacement happens where is green grass texture.


(Love 3D) #10

Hey marco, dont u think the first image could also be renderd with cycles in 25 min.
Problem with cycles is simple materials are hard to create (Fresnel stuff).
How ever i would like to see the first image rendered with Cycles.
Caustic look kinda fake. thx 4 shareing.

(MmAaXx) #11

cool stuff!

how is the BVH computation in comparison with Cycles?

(marcoG_ita) #12

@MmAaXx , don’t know really, need to check! I don’t remember any long wait though, comparable with 3dsMax+Vray perhaps(?)

@Love 3d , no actually i don’t think Cycles could get the VERY SAME output within 25 minutes. You can get something similar but not really this good imho. Interior with Sun+Sky and internal lights behing glass…not really :confused:

(ntnsftr) #13

Very interesting topic Marco, thanks.
Could you post more of your tests/experiences? :smiley:

(Zaurio) #14

Nice tests, Marco! The most difficult for me to find good settings for the night scenes, with minimum of light sources using ir map and light cache. How you would configure settings for this case not using brute force?