Vray like Material setup UI for cycles.

Hi guys. I created Material setup interface similar to one in Vray. Hope this will help Vray users to quickly setup basic shaders and test cycles.

You can download blend from http://continuum3d.blogspot.com/


P.S. Forgot to mention that diffuse color doesn’t affect glass material in my UI as does in Vray. I separated it because I was getting some weird shading. I have to normalize values for glossiness and add some support for translucency.

At least! Someone takes care of that :slight_smile: I will test it next week. Thanks a lot!

Are you using the last bdancer version?

This material UI does not have any connections with vray. It’s just interface similar to one in vray, which allows you to setup materials in cycles the way you would do it in chaos group’s renderer. I used nodes to create it.


Ok, I totally miss that . :slight_smile:

Looks insteresting, I’ll give it a try sometime -should speed up workflow nicely :slight_smile:

But please link to the post url rather than your blog’s home page. In a few weeks/months/years time when someone finds this thread, they won’t be able to find the file to downoad. The page is http://continuum3d.blogspot.com/2012/09/vray-like-material-setup-ui-for-cycles.html

Also, that weird Box downloader doesn’t work for me. It’d be nice if you use something more conventional like pasteall.org/blend or dropbox :slight_smile:

Looks interesting !

I just tested it:
I tried to create Shorewater but the cube I assigned the material to simply gets black. But the Monkeyhead with the same material renders correct. See here:

What have I done wrong ?

Kind regards

Hi everybody :slight_smile:


At the time when I was setting up my blog I really liked fancy look of that box widgets and how it integrates in your web site:) I look into new ways of file sharing tough :slight_smile: Did you manged to download it btw?

Hmmm. I dont know. Maybe you have problem with normals. Try different setup for shore and water. Maybe sculpt some terrain and add plain on top of it? I tried it and worked nicely.



Thanks for you tips.
Can you post your shorewater-blend-file ?

Kind regards

Hey guys. I think this thread is really interesting since I come from vray. In vray there is a way to use a falloff for the fresnel. If you use it like this you can recreate correctly behaving materials. You can a) choose a falloff type of fresnel, then override the material IOR with the correct IOR of the material you are trying to recreate. With the mixcurve you can recreate the wavelength of the material at a value of 0.5893µm. On this site you can find the refractive index of every material http://refractiveindex.info/. If you choose above metals, then aluminium for example and then change the line/wavelength below to 0.5893 and scroll down you see the curve at “Reflection calculator”. The green curve is what you have to use. the last step would be to use the correct color of the material under diffuse. Well I’m not totally into the theory behind all this since I learned it from my professor but it works quite well. So if anyone knows how to recreate this setup and is a little bit more familiar with the theory, please reply. Thanks in advance.

Is there a crack out there that could reproduce the above mentioned material? i’m still hoping for an answer :slight_smile:

Use Layer Weight with a colour ramp, or even better, use the fresnel node and plug it into a color ramp in order to achieve the results you want.

Ok, but it doesn’t really work that way because I need to include a curve to control the fresnel. I’m sure there is a way but I can’t recreate it the way I want to ^^. Thanks anyway.