Vray movie on a mesh (TV screen)


I am trying to create a TV-like effect - playing movie on a part of object’s surface.

I can render still images and image sequences without a problem but movies always end up black. I can see the movie play when I use it as a texture in Texture tab so Blender can read the movie format.
I tried adding it as an ordinary texture on material, I tried applying it on a mesh light too. Same result. I have turned on and off every setting I could think of. No effect.

Anybody that has some experience with this? Anybody with a working demonstration blend file?

I have posted two requests for help on offical vray for blender forums, both were ignored.

Here is the blend file. I am not attaching the video file, but you can substitute it for whatever you want. I am interested in working node setups.
160607_MovieOnMesh_V001.blend (785 KB)

There was no need in your file if this has to do with a movie file format you use. Other than that - here it’s no different if it is image or an mp4 movie file as far as it concerns applying the texture.

Thank you for your reply. I tried doing the same you suggest but it didn’t work.

Here is the node tree (VRay has a bit different nodes):

After many inquiries I got a response that the “feature is not supported”.

Didn’t you got your answer?

This is not supported.

It means: No video or movie texture support in Blender-VRay rendering.

Check post dates before you start rolling your eyes, lol. I got the answer after the inquiry here.

Meaning… it’s [solved] :rolleyes:
:eyebrowlift: am considering others also, who might stumble over the same rock

Ah, you want me to change the status. I tried it yesterday, but didn’t see status change anywhere. Where can I find it?

Would it make life easier if you used ffmpeg to split video in images… Idk, but this should be possible, guess the same happens behind the scenes in Blender:

 ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -r 1 -f image2 %05d.png

If image sequence also is not supported maybe texture node can be animated using python driver script e.g.:

import bpy
def change_image():
    ''' change image file in ImageTexture node
       #some lines here


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Yes, image sequence works. It’s just going to be very messy as camera will fly around the “TV” and the screend contents will consist of several mp4. That means after each correction on the client side I’ll have to export the video to frame sequence and import it in blender. “TV” rotation and movement make it unsuitable to do this in post processing.
I’ll deal with it, I have a working solution, it’s just not optimal. Thinking about it, I might render it in cycles and then combine renders, maybe even passes. I’ll see. Thanks for replies.

I’ll try to close it now.