vray not working

I installed vray and the python plugin to export, then ran it and set the vray executable.

I added a monkey, it has no material set. I rotated it, then pressed export meshes and render.

What I got is this
I even tried with a cube or with nothing in the scene, but I always get the same yellow and blue.

Why does this happen?

reboot, or reinstall.
is vray free?

You mean the free version? I dont know, it’s a copy my friend gave me, he is not using it.


But i’m also sure that your vray version is very old.

What is the newest version? where do i see the version of the installed vray?

Run vray.exe in terminal and watch the output.
Working version is smth like this.
You also need to update script - find the latest version on my forum.

V-Ray Standalone, version 0.10.14 for x64
Copyright © 2000-2008 Chaos Group Ltd. All rights reserved.
Use -credits option for additional third-party copyright notices.

Build from Dec 16 2008, 07:24:54
Compiled with GCC-compatible compiler, version 4.1
Operating system is Linux

V-Ray core version is 1.60.16

You can find the latest version of V-Ray Standalone at www.chaosgroup.com

thanks, ill stick with the others. :slight_smile:

I don’t think v-ray if free, even if your “friend” is not using it. Licenses can only be purchased. An official license transfer would have to be initiated from the chaosgroup, if they actually allow the reselling of licenses, for example Discreet does not, Adobe does.

Just use Lux, it is free and it works well with Blender.