Vray Standalone for Blender..does anyone have experience?


I’m looking to see if Vray used with Blender would be the right fit for me, any input would be appreciated.

The overall impression that I get about Vray is that it’s THE renderer to use since it’s fast, high quality and reasonably affordable. Is this true? My main usage would be for integration of 3D with live footage or motion graphics, so the ability to render fast and as animations is essential, as well as being cross platform.

I’ve gone to the ChaosGroup website but I can’t figure out if they have a demo version available or even what the pricing is.

Vray has a much better integration with 3DS Max than Blender. If you are using Blender you should stick to more tightly integrated renderers like BI or Yafaray (or, in the future, Cycles) - IMHO.

vray is awesome if you can afford, i think it coasts around 350$ for the stand alone version, on the other hand cycles is free but immature, if you wait it will be there -I.A.W.-, as for integration bdancer’s exporter are in a good status and evolving, i think it could be used for production.

for more info HERE

I know that it’s been done. Sebastian Konig has a tutorial on it at cmivfx

I suppose I should PM him to get details. I’m looking for a good speed/quality ratio that can be used in a mixed environment with Blender and C4D. If there are other renderers out there that fit the bill I’d be glad to hear about them. I need good integration, and I’m not really interested in a unbiased solution because they’re simply too slow.

thanks for the link! it’s very specific to Blender/Vray workflow, that’s very useful.

Hi, I just found this thread, and thought I share my 2 cents.
I would definitely recommend vray.
I don’t know skycooler’s experiences, but I find vray to be really REALLY good integrated. You really almost do not notice you are using an external renderer at all. Since 2.5 the exporter is perfectly integrated into the interface and works accordingly to Max/Maya Interface settings.
So you can grab ANY tutorial on the web about vray and transfer it 1:1 to blender and the vray exporter. Well, more or less.
It is indeed super fast to render and comfortably to use.
I am going to produce a tutorial about it the next weeks, you might wait for that one instead of getting the current tutorial on cmivfx.


thanks for the heads up regarding your upcoming tutorial. I hope you don’t mind but I’ll take this opportunity to ask you a couple questions.

Will you be covering all the ins and outs of install/license server/workflow etc like in the older tut?

Where do I find a demo version of the software? and I couldn’t find the price of the standalone either.


Yeah, i will be covering most of that, as this can be really confusing.
But of course I’ll also cover Irradiance Map, Lightcache, DMC Sampler, Colormapping, Materials, Textures etc.

The standalone is 350€, i got mine from Evermotion. http://www.evermotion.org/modelshop/show_product/v-ray-standalone/2703/0/0
For the demo you need to register at the website from Chaosgroup.
From there you can download the demo.
If you’re on osx, use the leopard version (not 64bit), because IIRC there is a problem with displaying the VFB (Framebuffer window) with a 64bit version.

Ack, i hope thats a very tomporary problem. Being stuck in 32 bit for rendering is a problem i never want to have again. :slight_smile:

true that, however you could prepare renderings with 32bit, and then, when everything’s fine, switch to 64renderer for the final big renderings. though tedious still…

Sebastian, this thread has gotten pretty excited to try vray. Are you done with that video yet? :slight_smile:

I was wondering, however, does vray support blender’s hair and particles? If i want to animate furry characters, is vray a viable option? Memory efficient object instancing? Smoke and fire sims? Fluid sims? I kinda doubt it supports all that, but one can dream! :slight_smile:

blender’s hair&particle is unbeatable! :slight_smile:
but in fact you can use hair&fur with vray, unfortunately until now no children particles though, AFAIK.
For furry animals I’d use Blender, it is really great in that area.
What it does support very well is instancing.
You can even use particle instancing!
This image has over 2 Billion vertices and rendered in an okay time. (don’t look too close at my lighting and shading, it was just a test).

oh, and that video will still take a while…
i hope to finish in the next 2 weeks

Any good places to get some VRay training? The number of render and material options is intimidating at first glance.

if you can wait a little bit, i am doing a big vray tutorial on cmivfx, i hope to finish in the next weeks.
in the meantime check out the official help http://www.spot3d.com/vray/help/maya/150R1/

Love your CMI tutorials, so I’ll definitely check it out when yours is done. And thanks for the official help link. The Chaos Group website is like digging through some kind of archaic tome.

I just have to ask, blender/vray script works well with vray 2.0?

What would you do with that info anyways. If someone says it works good you’d buy a license without trying it?
Download the demo and try it. :slight_smile:
I’ve seen no major issues as of yet, besides the vray downloads from chaosgroup being painfully slow… (~8-10kb)

I was just wondering if the full version features works as well as demo, but thanks.

Yes, the demo and full version have the same feature range, the demos limitations are a watermark in the upper left corner, and the render output is limited to 600x450.
Even the vray material preview works within Blender (similar to Luxrays embeded material preview)

Here’s a free tutorial from cmiVFX about installing V-Ray and the V-Ray/Blender exporter. It’s not that exciting, but really, the installation can be quite a challenge, especially on OSX or Linux. At least for me it was :smiley:
There will be a second part soon, where I’ll cover render-settings, materials, textures, baking, compositing, color-mapping etc.

Here are some links from the video:

All credits go to Andrey Izrantsev who did a wonderful job creating this exporter!

Btw, here are links to the most recent builds of Blender 2.58 with the exporter and patch:
V-Ray/Blender for Windows64bit: http://graphicall.org/365
V-Ray/Blender for OSX64bit: http://graphicall.org/364
V-Ray/Blender for Linux64bit: http://graphicall.org/363