VRaySphereFade in Cycles?

Is there an equivalent in cycles?

The VRaySphereFade is a V-Ray specific atmospheric effect that extracts and renders small parts of the scene by putting them in an atmospheric gizmos.

I’m curious if there is a direct equivalent myself but maybe you can do something with light path node though may be tedious with too many objects. Here’s a video from Chocofur about it.


I tried to make it worker with the light path node, to no avail as it is not designed for that application. appreciate the suggestion.

Depending on which use case you are after the following addon might do what you want:

Hey thanks for the reply.

What addon are you referring to?

The link just takes you to the Blender Market home page.

Strange. It is supposed to take you to an addon called
“animated render border”.
It is even in the link but for some reason you are forwarded to the home page.

what are you trying to do?

Basically VRaySphereFade for Blender.

Basically selects what it renders by what is incased in a sphere in your scene. (So for example if you had a background plane not in the sphere that would not render). Only what is in the sphere renders. The sphere is also feathered to help with composite back to the main render perfectly.