VRChat avatars rendered in Blender! Fan Art Benchmark

This was my very first benchmark!! I notice the avatar’s hair appears very elastic in some shots, also the lightning effect was totally rushed!!

I created this short fan art mocap as a benchmark. All characters were recorded using Luxor at 60fps and the scene was rendered with Blender eevee engine. Testing the DynamicBones capture feature available in APS Luxor - this allows using VRChat avatars as mocap avatars which can be exported directly to Blender for final rendering.

~3 hours to create this animation from conception.

Hardware used: HTC Vive + knuckles + 3 Vive trackers.

APS Luxor (beta) release: https://youtu.be/XdlFtt_F-3Y


  • Purple Heart Angel avatar by: BlancC
  • Fantasy Sword model on BlendSwap by: Amarytha