VRML 1.0 assembly


I try to import a VRML 1.0 assembly but it fails to open childrens files.
I am able to open all my vrml file with a script that open all vrml file from one directory…but my models are always centered (because I think that the first VRML contains the matrix to place every model regarding each others).

and in fact if I open my first VRML I see, many parts with a reference and a matrix to the children files :

DEF Member_0_30 Separator {
Node_Info {
fields [SFString node_type,SFString node_name]
node_type “Member”
node_name “Member_0_30”
Member_Info {
fields [SFString member_name, SFLong member_id]
member_name “Member_0_30”
member_id 30
MatrixTransform {
0.928053 -0.273308 -0.253025 0
0.26862 0.0205771 0.963026 0
-0.257996 -0.961707 0.0925124 0
-40.9705 0.672099 -58.3497 1
WWWInline {name “4145-5002-1-0_p.wrl”}

If I Open this file blender inform me “Found no data”?
Have you got a solution to open VRML 1.0 Assembly?


Convert it to vrml97 or x3d first, then try to import.

ok I convert it … but blender only open VRML 1.0…

Could you explain your idea?