VRML 2 export doesn't work in 2.32

The VRML 2 export doesn’t seem to work in 2.32. I get this error

File “<string>”, line 253
print “Info: Ignoring [%s], object type [%s] not handle yet” %
SyntaxError: invalid token

I have tested other exports like uv face layout and have tested other
python scripts so I know my python path is working OK. I think there is
a bug in this script. Can someone check on this?

Thanks in advance,


Yeah I noticed this too. I thought something got messed up when they added Rick’s Script to blender 2.3x which has python 2.23 IIRC. But I looked at the documentation at www.python.org and / is a valid continuation symbol for python 2.23 so I do not know what is wrong

I don’t have the official release of B2.32 and I’ve never had such problems, but I’ve had some problems with blender getting confused with indentation : error messages when indentation is a tab, nothing when indentation is a serie of spaces. You could check that or compile the latest CVS.