VRML 2 import bug? BP225; BC223 (Mac OS X)

First of all, i’m a newbie. Please forgive me if I have missed the obvious.

The Knowledgebase did not help.

Using Wings3d 0.98.03, Blender Pub 2.25 (and beta 2.23), Cinema 4D XL7.3 all on Mac OS X 10.2.2. I have tried to get my textured model from Wings3d to Blender (both versions) and in all cases Blender reports that my wrl is not a blend file. A second attempt at opening (F1KEY) the same file will crash Blender.

I can import VRML 1 via Cinema 4D but that is not the ideal approach.

Any advice would be appreciated

Mhh…I’ve the same problem…it can be really a bug…

Could provide a URL to the problem VRML2 file?

aka AerobicsBoy

Okay, have at it. There’s the files I was working on and then a simple cube. Both of which do not open for me.


This leads me to believe that Blender does not recognize Apple’s Python which is 2.2.1 which comes installed on Mac OS 10.2. Not only does the VRML 2 import not work but apparently any python script I try to execute fails as well. :frowning:

Your VRML is simple enough and valid. I was able to load it using the File/Open dialog
of blender publisher 2.25 on both linux and win32 without any problem. Sorry,
I don’t have a Mac to test with.

Ok. Thanks for trying. I think there are some platform specific issues with Python. I have set my Python path but when i run a script - any that call the os “import os” I get an error or it doesn’t seem to run. I’ve tried commenting out the import os line but it must be too important - it doesn’t work after that.

I really don’t want to spend the time to learn Python right now to try and solve this. There must be a mac/python/blender fella here somewhere.