VRML and DXF import with Blender 2.33

Does it actually woks at all? :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone been able to open a VRML/DXF file using the open option from the file menu with blender 2.33a ? %

If yes, how in the name of God did you do that :smiley:

Um you just go up to File, Open, and navigate to the file.

Like I said only yesterday in another thread (god I wish people used the search button IT’S RIGHT THERE AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN, YOU CAN’T MISS IT… ahem… straightens tietakes medication)

Well, mm I’ve tried what you’ve just mentioned but haven’t been able to open a .wrl file, I tryed with both compressed an uncompressed .wrl

By trying to open a .wrl file with open I get this:

In blender
ERROR:Unknown file type or error,check console
ERRPT :Loading c:\2602.wrl <invalid read error>
In the console
In BPY_call_importloader(name=c:\2602.wrl)

the python path under WINXP


And BTW when trying to open it using shift+f1 it says it is not a library object.

Hope you can give a hand :smiley:

I am seeing the same problem.


I don’t know enough about this to be any real help but WRL is similar to VRML 2. There are python importers for this or you can use blender 2.25.

One prob is that many apps use many flavours of DXF and VRML and may not be compatable with the importers. You could use a 3rd party app to convert to .obj ( or something) and import it that way.