VRML export

It seems that not everything can be transferred to VRML:eek:
and sometimes the model in VRML takes on only 2 or 3 colors intead of all the basic colors in the Blender model - is this normal:confused:

what is supposed to be transfered from Blender to VRML

1 ) UV Map

2 ) Basics Colors

3 ) textures

4 ) Curves

Tanks & Salutations

The BS/X3D exporter will ONLY export meshes. And only those meshes that HAVE NOT been subsurfed. If you do have a subsurfed mesh you need to select it and press ALT-C(I believe that is the key combination, check on that) to convert it to a regular mesh. BE WARNED this is a one way conversion you will lose your original subsurf and you polygon count for that object will go way up. Best thing is to do a Shift-D to make and exact copy then start a new blender file and F1 append the copy into the new file and then export. That way you will always have your original. If you try to export with the subsurf you will get and error from the scripts.

Without UV mapping only the 1(one) basic color of a mesh will be exported. So multi materials on a mesh will not work. Procedural textures and UV Mapping will work UV mapping is the best way to get multiple colors on the exported mesh.

If you want to know exactly what will work and what will not look at this page.