VRML import (Update)

I’ve seen some old threads on this.

They didn’t touch on what I’ve learned.

So, let me contribute this.

There are some sites:



George Hart






all have a wide selection of files in VRML format. A good number generated using the application: Stella


A great program, reasonably priced.

You may not have it available. So, what are your options?

  1. Blender - X3D Extensible (X3D / wrl (standard extension for VRML files)
    (may or may not work)

  2. Freecad - Import - VRML V2.0 (*.wrl. *.vrml *.wrz *.wrl.gz)
    (may not work directly)


in which case, something else you might also try is importing into Meshlab
(after having converted it (Export) out of FreeCad, may not import directly into
Blender, but, if it loads into Meshlab, it can be converted so that it will load into
Blender - NOTE: details may be lost in the process):


There doesn’t seem to be much support in the way of VRML. Of the programs recommended for viewing or
editing, a good number of them just don’t exist anymore. A good number of those that do work with VRML version 1.0, but not VRML 2.0 (a good number of the files out there) nor do they work with a good number of exported Stella files.

This isn’t a perfect, or, necessarily the best answer.

But, it may get you up and running when nothing else does.

Worth a shot.

P.S. If you, by chance, run into a program which has the ability to convert to “off” format, you might be able to use the antiprism programs to convert from “off” format to something Blender compatible:



There’s a WRL viewer program: FreeWRL

If you can see your file, using this program, there’s a pretty good chance you can convert it.

If you can’t it MIGHT still work, but, less likely.