VRML is all black....?

Every thing I save as VRML shows up as just a black screen…

Is there something I need to do to prepare it first?
Blender 2.25
IE 6

You mean as a rendered image. The rendered image has many different formats. As a model it can only be viewed as a model in VRML software and Blender. You can of course save it as a Blend File. If you want to see the rendered image as a VRML I don’t think you can. You have several different formats to save it as. JPG/TGA/TARGA. It’s in the render settings menu… If that’s the problem. You have to set the format for which you want your rendered image to be in when it’s rendered. You can then save the image of the rendering in that format. You can then open that image in a program like PaintShop or Photoshop or whatever your using as your image viewer.


So I cant save it as vrml and then open it with Internet Explorer?

probably not. It mush be missing some scene data (probably lights, since the VRMK export only export meshes).


Is there a way to add color to the vrml’s that blender exports?
[I mean outside of blender]

using a vrml editor… perhaps :wink: