Hi, Im new here in this forum.
Please I want to export my mesh to VRML 2.0 format. I dont know how to do this.
I found this http://kimballsoftware.com/blender/,
I have installed python 2.5 and it always show me “ERROR: python script error, check console”
thanks for any help

The Exporter at http://kimballsoftware.com/blender/ is very old, Blender is shipping with a VRML and X3D Exporter that working well (File > Export > VRML 97).

Or you using the free “BS Exporter for Blender” that has a lot of nice features and a full dokumentation.

Download and Docs:

Bart told you the right thing. I would be interested in seeing what you are making. I use blender primarily to make vrml models.

Yes, currently it does give you an error if you export.
It is just the comment line that wrapped around to the next line. If you
delete the line it will work.

I’m the author of the original version at kimballsoftware.com. I’m updating it right now to take advantage of many new features in the latest versions of the python API.

Bart took over the VRML exporter when I lost interest in this stuff a
couple of years ago. I have a renewed interest in VRML and multiuser lately. I was just going to use the version in Blender, but…

I hadn’t looked at the built-in VRML exporter until recently. I have to
say Bart I’m not a fan of the way it works now. If you export a
world with viewpoints they aren’t truely computed. The view point is
wrapped in a VRML Transform if you try to walk in the world you end
up in a wierd orientation.

One of my original goals for the VRML exporter was to create IndexedFaceSets
where the coordinates didn’t have to be wrapped in a Transform. My script
computes the rotation for each coordinate. The current blender vrml97 exporter
put every object in a Transform.

I even went to the Bitmanagement Site and downloaded the BS Exporter.
With that version, exporting a simple blender world I get an error when
I try to load the world in the VRML browser. There is a enabled TRUE
statement in the Collision node. If you remove that line it works.

With the BS Exporter, there doesn’t seem to be a way to export
just the selected objects. Did I miss something?

Anyway, I wanted to let people know that I’ll be posting a new
version that works. Get it here: http://kimballsoftware.com/blender/