vs. computer

I have seen a few games here some are against time, some points but can you play against the computer with this GE? If so how is that done?


playing against a “computer” is simply playing against AI.
Just use the search tool on these forums, there are plenty of AI threads.

That’s not much of an answer I have looked at topics with A I I just needed to know how to do it if possible. At least give me a link maybe someone else knows


you can have a look at the game logic in my Graviballs game (link in signature). The simple AI controls one of the pads if you switch it on :wink:

“just need to know how to do it”? Not gonna happen. There is not a simple answer for programming an AI. Many people have used many different methods, with many different results. Each different situation (ie game) requires a different AI, because of how the rest of the game works, what the objectives are, and what actions can be performed.

Also, a developer might want to look at the hardware capabilites of the target audience (the crysis audience has computer which can handle some pretty complex AI, but if you’re targeting joe shmo on the computer he got in '99 for $200, you’re gonna be limited to pong remakes).

Most poeple seem to use python for programming AIs, but there have also been some great solutions using only logic bricks. Some people use pathfinding algorithms to move around node networks, while other people use much a much simpler ‘track-to’ method. Other people don’t even use node netoworks.

Could you elaborate as to what your AI’s supposed to do? These things are kinda case-sensitive and really depend on your game…
The basis of most AI, at least when you’re solely using logic blocks, is the state actuator, so you’ll probably what to look that up soon…


Asking how to build an AI alg is like asking how to build a collision detection alg.

First, there’s many books written on the subject of AI theories, people attend school getting their doctorates on things like artificial intelligence and collision detection.

What do you want to make? A simple checkers game against a computer could take a good Python scripter a year to write the AI for.

Many people here like to help, but please be more specific.

Thanks, i am very new to the GE i thought it was as simple as selecting computer Now looking at a few games i can a better understanding of how to do it. Also i just got the gamekit 2 book a few days ago