VSE Adaptive Resolution Addon

Hello, blenderartists! I’d like to present you my little addon i finished over night. It brings in Blender functionality known as Adaptive Resolution in Adobe AE. I see no reason to invent a wheel, so i named it exactly same way. In a video below you’ll find a quick brief. It’s realy simple to use. I hope you guys will find it handy.

Here is a link to download it addon:

Sergusster this is awesome. I think that it should go on the blendersvse blog with other “scripts you can’t live without!”.

Really great work. I wonder if there is a way to co-opt this dynamic res playback, so that we can playback a of mix resolutions. That is proxies and full quality assets?

Very nice add-on, Thanks a lot Sergusster!
Have a good day.

This addon don’t creating anything new itself. It’s only measuring performance while playback and switching resolution. So proxies are stored in RAM, until you hit “Refresh button” and they aren’t saved anywhere on HDD. So i dont know yet if there is a way to make a dynamic proxy for specific footages in composit and than mix it with another footage with different resolution, but you gave me an interesting task to solve. I’ll think about it.

@@Sergusster, I would like to download your addon, but the link seems not to be working anymore. Please, could you post it again?