VSE and composited shots

Hello, I’m confused on how to use the node editor with the VSE.

I open a shot in the node editor and apply a my effects to it, but then how do I get that shot into the VSE? Do I have to export the animation as a series of pictures again or is there some button that will add my clip into the video editor? Also is there a way to add nodes and effects to clips already in the VSE or does that all have to be done beforehand?

Thank you, this helps me a lot . I’m just used to using Final Cut Pro. This add-on is perfect for what I want.

… and Final Cut Pro is what I still use for the editing process. Nothing against VSE, but I’m more comfortable with FCP.

No matter what tool you use, you’ll be dealing with the same concerns at the same point in the production process: in my case, very near the beginning, then very near to the end.

My biggest issue with vse is cutting for timing, Fcp excels at playback and interactivity allowing you to be quite fluid with decision making. Vse is mostly clunky but functional in this regard. Requiring more painless access to proxies and the ability to sync strips together on the timeline. Neither will ever happen.

:yes: … and one reason why I frankly continue to use FCP is that I’m basically doing the sort of editing, very early in the production cycle, that I might otherwise be using in a real-world shoot near the end of it. A lot of footage, and I am very quickly “scrubbing” through it, dropping markers, doing all the things that I might be doing with a memory-card full of video, except that in this case it’s “OpenGL rendered” animation strips (sometimes interspersed with footage or stills). Since this is the tool that I happen to be most used-to, VSE has never been a particularly serious contender in my mind to replace it. (Not saying that it couldn’t, just that it’s never been a notion that I’ve ever felt the need to seriously consider.) You get accustomed to a particular way of doing things, and that’s that.

the VSE has come a long way, we’re enjoying features today that would be unthinkable 2 or 3 years ago.
So it’s a question of when not if.
This is open source btw so…

It’s pretty clear what Ton thinks about the vse’s purpose so better editing tools are simply not considered useful. If their live action movie didn’t require them then nothing will.

Well I’m not using FCP for 2 reasons:

  1. I’m trying to learn more blender.

  2. (more important) I got my mac and FCP in 2004. The OS is too old to run blender so I must run it on my PC. FCP also has problems with imported video so anytime I change something I must re-render the whole clip.

I would much rather use FCP but for the simple stuff I’m doing the VSE will suffice.

Well then why not head over to the VSE blog! It’s in my sig below :wink:

Thanks, I already found your blog before when looking at another thread. Looks like a lot of good stuff there that I will need to be using in the future.

3pointEdit, your blog is really resourceful. You shared it with me before and I’ve been visiting regularly for tips tricks and advice. Thank you for making this blog and making our lives easier!

Hehe, according to the latest Blender podcast, it would seem that the next open movie will be feature length! I think that Ton will HAVE to breath some new life into the VSE then :wink: