VSE: any way to have VSE audio play while editing the scenes in the sequence?

It seems each Scene has its own VSE session, which seems odd.

So you tend to end up with one “master” scene you use just for its VSE session, and then all the scenes that make up the sequence.

If you have guide audio, and you want to hear it as you’re creating the scenes, you have to copy it into every new scene’s VSE and line it up before you start - is there another way? Any way to just instance that one VSE across every scene?

(I’ve a 3 minute project, and I want the voice-over to be audible in all the scenes that make it up)

Why have different VSEs for each scene ?
Use one of the scenes or one just for the sequencer and add Scene strips

It’s just for the audio - you only need one VSE to pull all your scenes into a sequence, but in each and every scene (as far as I can tell) the only way to have your guide audio playing while you’re working on that scene is to go into that scene’s VSE and copy in the audio.

Or am I missing something obvious?