VSE: audio and video bars refuse to match / sync.

I have a movie file (vob format) that when I import it to Blender’s Video Editor at 30 FPS (which I believe is the correct framerate) the green sound bar is half the length it should be. I can make them match (as bars in the Vide Editor) by changing the Frame Rate setting to 60 FPS but then the video plays back super fast.

When I playback (ALT-A) the sound is correct and the video seems to match it well (with AV-sync) but the video bar seems to be twice as long as it needs to be.

Anyone know what I should do to make them match correctly?

Is it interlaced or progressive. I’m not sure it matters but it may need to be de-interlaced.

Steve S

Probably not 60fps, could be 30i which is NTSC interlace rate of 29.97fps and Blender should shrink the audio strip to match correct fps. Recent version of Blender can do this.

Thanks, although I’m not sure that it’s that because I’d tried the “fields” option and there was no difference.

I’m noticing something else odd. When I scrub, the green line doesn’t keep up with the mouse pointer, instead it’s about half the pace.

Lancer you could try to use tools that help you check what the actual frame rate is. Mediainfo or ffmpeg (WinFF) are good candidates.
Once you determine the frame rate, you could try setting the fps property and re-import the clips.
If it still fails then render out stills using the correct frame rate and then import the img sequence back to Blender. That should be enough for the audio to match.
In the unlikely event that the video audio mismatch continues, you could try to extract the audio from the vob file and use that either in conjunction with the stills or the video from the vob file directly.
Note that, in principle, ffmpeg can handle everything you throw at it. It may not be able to do it correctly though. Also note that Vob is a delivery format and not suitable for editing. But in my experience, the VSE handles vobs very well.

I seem to recall that odd lag error in the past. Could be a corrupt scene. Try a new .blend and reimport at the adjusted frame rate rather than change the frame rate after import.

Also interlaced source media doesn’t require you to activate interlace for render. That is just to smooth out the 3D scene rendered motion.

30i is interesting, but I don’t see it in the options. NTSC is there but it results in FPS of 29.97 and the audio bar is again half the length of the video bar.
I’m pretty sure I could rerender the stills to match audio and remix, but I was hoping there might be a more efficient way of simply importing the vob.
I’m on Linux, not Windows.

Which release are you using? The audio length conform should work.

I’m also on linux and vobs work out of the box

i am using Blender 2.69.

@blendercomp, other vobs work fine out of the box. I don’t know why this one doesn’t. It imports, but as described, the image bar is twice as long as the audio bar and if I change the FPS to around 60 to match them, it plays double speed. The odd thing is, I think the scrubbing position (where I am in the movie according to the preview) and the actual [Alt][A] playback don’t agree in terms of the timing either.

Lancer if you’re on linux then you could use ffmpeg to convert the vob losslessly into an intermediate codec and import the resulting file to VSE for further processing. It’s an extra step but if the file refuses to cooperate for whatever reason I don’t see what else you could do.