VSE audio bug?

I’ve just tried to add keyframes to a audio strip in the VSE but they wont apply. This is a recent 2.53 build on windoze Vista.

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour (broken for a few versions).

Also can you keyframe a “frame seq” transparency/opacity with out using a cross effect? I cant make mine fade out via keyframes.

That is odd, I am working on that right now and its working fine. Audio - for some formats, flac I think, you need to re-load it each time you open the blend file to see the wave form and get it to behave properly - so you click on unpack, remove pack and then on caching again. What are you trying to key that won’t work? I’ve been keying volume without problem (although drivers can be made they don’t seem to actually do anything in the vse currently.) I’m using xp pro 2.53 svn 31266 currently

I’m pretty sure that you can key your crossfades by making a curve for opacity, IIRC you have to set both strips blend mode but I can’t remember exactly what - fiddle with it.

It was just for dips to silence, so no cross fades. Although I could cross to a mute strip I guess. The audio strip is embeded in a video stream, a avchd avi I think. I will try pack unpack and cache again, but the clips are so long they take ages to cache.