VSE: can i somehow "save keyframes for special channels as presets/favorites" and then insert them?

I often do the same if i am working on my videos.

I often zoom to the exact same amount and move to the exact same place. E.g. zoom to left upper part with zoom 4, another would be zoom to the right lower part zoom 3.

Until now, i am doing it like so:

  1. select my strip

  2. in preview press S to scale → keyframe

  3. in preview press G to move → keyframe

  4. then box select my “normal” keyframe with zoom = 1 and position 0/0 → copy → move keyframe forward

  5. but in all of that graph editor mess i cannot really “see” where my different zooms are. So i manually do step 1-4 a lot of times.

what i would like to have is something like a “favorites” keyframe settings, which i can save/create and load/insert:


  • keyframe normal view: 0,0 position + scale 1
  • keyframe right upper: 50,0 scale 5
  • keyframe left lower: 0,50 scale 7

is there an add-on which can do this? or something similar?
or is there a better/quicker way than i do it now?

In principle i am searching a pendant to creating poses but for VSE.