VSE: Can't add more F-Curves for Volume control - why?

What’s wrong here?
I know how to add an IPO curve for volume control. And I did it on another strip which is now scrolled to the left in the screenshot. Still, the curve attached to that one is now visible in the upper left since I added it.

Now, I want to add another curve to another strip’s volume - but it doesn’t work. Hoovering over it and pressing I gives me the error “Could not insert keyframe as RNA path is invalid for the given ID”. And the option to insert a keyframe is not in the Right-click menu over volume.

What am I missing?

Seems to be a bug in one of the betas I am using, in a different 2.55.0 build, one from graphicall, the problem is gone…

(although I am still seeing these “invalid path” errors in the console, it seems to work good enough in some versions. Could be some builds are too conservative and die on this error, while others skip over and thus allow keyframe insertion although something happening in parallel with it is screwed up…)

I flagged this as a bug some time ago, and it was fixed. Although I’m not convinced, still seems challenging to use compared to 2.49. I had no luck with old buggy .blends brought into newer builds however and had to rebuild them from scratch (that really sucks).

Good to hear that someone else has these issues. I thought I was going nuts…

Besides this, - let us spell this out clearly - , Blender is not only the swiss-army knife of 3D, its more and more growing into becoming the video editing solution on *nix and is challenging most of the stuff that’s out there on Win/Mac as well! Cinelerra - sorry folks - is a joke. Kino is for kids. Blender’s VSE is owning all free *nix editing suites. Some issues remain, but we all can’t wait when some last user-interface oddities and code quirks are straightened out!

Found cumbersome this time:

  1. insert a strip, trim beginning and end, so you end up with the part you’d like to see in your edit.
  2. Then set this strip to reverse: bam, not only the actually remaining part of the underlying video is reversed, but the whole clip so:
  3. Inpoints and enpoints of your trimming are messed up and the “visible” part of the strip is now actually a different location in the strip…

--------------------------------------------------^^^ you want this chunk in your edit
After reverse:
--------------------------------------------------^^^ you get this chunk in your edit

That is because the strip is being reversed, many apps do this. FCP can make you crazy with that. Try reversing first then editing the bit you want.

I want back proxies for dummies built in, Yellow’s approach is great but fidly (checkout the blog on my tag).

I know, I know, exactly what I tried to illustrate with my ASCII art…

But is this actually how FCP behaves as well?? I am shocked.

I think I remember that Adobe’s premiere does handle it “the right way”, as any user like me used to expect. It would be great if blender would handle this as an old Steenbeck would: reverse just the potion in question (hand hide the technical underpinnings)

It’s more intuitive. And another step towards blender dominating them all! =)

for the reverse issue you discuss:

  1. insert a strip, trim beginning and end

  2. make a metastrip with the strip

  3. Then set the metastrip to reverse

To change strip duration get into meta and move the handles (i think this work, too)

I love metastrips XDD
Every time a strip gets crazy in the vse i try to make a meta and usually works for me. It’s a way to simplify strip operations… Also it is easier than nested clips in FCP :slight_smile:

Fcp nested clips are evil! They often fail and loose linking to media. I prefer to access audio and vision seperatly for transitions though, but meta clips are easier to use in blender, as it doesn’t have audio or vision tracks dedicated to that use.